About Us


 The Gnostic Center of Long Beach is a Gnostic School dedicated

 to the "Awakening of Consciousness." It is part of a lineage in the

 Mystery School tradition and has been a center for esoteric study

 in Long Beach for over 20 years. 


Our classes are always given on a donation basis only. The Gnostic Center of Long Beach

is a non-profit institution located in Long Beach California. Our sole purpose is to share,

as clearly as possible, this true teaching that is the birthright of everyone.


To awaken one's Consciousness is a scientific process which has been long hidden

and much misunderstood. Pieces of this knowledge exist in all of the world's great

religions. Gnosis strings these pieces together in one universal body of teaching

and makes it practical for the work on oneself.   


Consciousness is a very particular kind of inner knowledge totally independent 

of mental activity. It is not developed without a great and specific kind of effort.

It is our goal to make the path clear and practical, always adhering to and

referencing the original teachings. We emphasize practical applications of

the work, not dogma or theory.




If you would like to inquire about or RSVP for upcoming courses please contact us.


All are welcome and we look forward to seeing you!