These exercises have been known by various names, notably called by Gnostic students “the Tibetan rites” or “the lamasery exercises.” It is important to note that the term “lamasery” did not originate in Asia, but was invented by Westerners. Samael Aun Weor used the term as was conventional at the time he was teaching. However, in the spirit of continual improvement that he followed, and with respect to the tradition from which these exercises are derived, we prefer not to perpetuate the use of the term. Therefore, in this book we have exchanged the misnomer “lamasery” for the more accurate and appropriate term “monastery.”

The Six Rites

It is necessary to know that in our human body, in our cellular organism, we have some chakras that we can qualify as specific, special for our organic vitality. They are like vortices through which Prana, life, enters into our organism. They are, namely:

First, the occipital
Second, the frontal
Third, the laryngeal located at the throat
Fourth, the hepatic
Fifth, the prostatic or uterine
Sixth and seventh are the two related chakras located at the knees

So, these are the seven basic chakras [related to organic vitality; there are additional chakras in the organism]; again, these are important for the vitality of our physical organism since through these chakras, the life, Prana, penetrates into our Vital body, which is the seat of all organic activity.

For example, the laryngeal chakra maintains a close relation with the prostatic; this is why what we say, our words, must be carefully weighed. Likewise, we need to carefully avoid making very low or shrieking sounds when we speak; i.e., if we carefully observe decrepit old people, we can easily verify that when they speak they emit sounds that we could perfectly call shrieking; these sounds corrupt their sexual potency, or accurately indicate impotency. The same occurs with sounds that are too deep or cavernous; these also corrupt the sexual potency. Therefore, the male’s voice must remain within its normal range; likewise, the woman’s voice must not be too low or shrieking, because this corrupts her sexual potency due to the intimate relationship between the larynx and the sexual center.

The former statement could be challenged since the woman does not have a prostate; true, she does not have a prostrate, yet she has a chakra related to her uterus, and this plays a very important role in her body, as important as the prostatic chakra in the man. In the woman, we could call this chakra the uterine chakra, and we already know the importance of the uterus in the woman.

First of all, we must always seek to be in good health, because a healthy body is good for everything, withstands everything, and responds at all moments so that we can demand from it our material and spiritual work.

So, the first thing, as I already stated, is to cure the body and to maintain its resistance throughout our entire lifetime. Therefore, we must maintain it in good condition, because what can one do with a sick body? It is obvious that an esotericist, an initiate, must never be sick; illnesses and tormenting problems are for people who are not on the real path, is it not so? Indeed, those who are on the path should neither be decrepit nor sick, this is clear.

Therefore, this is why there is a series of very important esoteric exercises; i.e. much has been stated in esotericism, in Kundalini Yoga, about the Viparita Karani Mudra, likewise about the dancing dervishes or whirling dervishes. In Pakistan, in India, etc., the dervishes know how to execute certain marvelous dances in order to awaken certain faculties, powers, or chakras. Thus, it is urgent to know all of this if we want to have a youthful body and to develop the chakras. Therefore, let us study this series of exercises.
-Gnostic Teachings-The Exercises of Lamasery, Samael Aun Weor

With these Six Rites, an old person can rejuvenate. It is clear that with these Rites, if the person is young, he or she can remain young and if the person is old, he or she can recapture their youth. With these exercises any person can cure his own pains.

Sometime ago I saw a publication that was sent to me from Costa Rica that had these Rites in it, since these Rites are not the exclusive property of anyone. There are some Lamaseries in the Himalayas and other places where these rites are practiced; most of all in a Lamasery that is called the Fountain of Youth but it is clear that even though many exercises are practiced there, I could not find all the documentation of these exercises in the above mentioned publication…

These series of exercises are not the exclusive property of any one person; as I say, many publications have been made, but few are the ones that know the esoteric part. I know the esoteric part, not merely because of what may have been said by the mentioned publication from Costa Rica or many others that we have seen while talking about these exercises, but because I know them from a very long time ago…

The Lamas who work in that Lamasery called The Foundation of Youth, practice said Rites. They use the Prayer Rug, a small rug in which the exercises can be done. They lie down, kneel, sit, etc. Meditation and prayer correspond to each position or Sadhana in other words, an intensification on any of the mystical aspects for each change of posture, depending on the purpose of each exercise.

- The Exercises of Lamasery, Samael Aun Weor 

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